Weezer Provide The Missing Link Between MGMT And Lady Gaga

May 18th, 2009 // 9 Comments

Also performing at the T-Mobile party that hosted the first concert in four years by blink-182: Weezer, who had a tweaked lineup (with Josh Freese on drums; wonder if Rivers Cuomo got a copy of his solo album when the hire went through?) and a cover of MGMT’s highly bloggable “Kids” that interpolated a bit of Lady Gaga for good measure / extra viral impact. The two songs mesh pretty well, although I do wish they’d thrown a bit of an old folk tune in there for good measure. [YouTube]

  1. what’s the josh freese connection? is he drumming for them on tour?

  2. Everything about this is so blatantly designed for maximum blog visibility. I wonder if they got extra pay for including the T-Mobile shoutout during the intro (so it would HAVE to be included in any youtube posts).

  3. @Halfwit: haha, yeah, i wondered that myself. the blink clips i posted friday also had some very prominent product placement. (not to mention the ‘at & t can suck my dick’ proclamation– although who among us who has dealt with that particular carrier hasn’t thought that at least once)

  4. @borntohula: it would appear that way.

  5. This makes me happy and reminds me of how damn good “Kids” is. Which reminds me of how disappointing every other MGMT song is. Which makes me sad.

  6. @saturn: I will always rep for “Electric Feel.” But maybe that’s because the venue where I first heard it — a hotel lobby — was the perfect place for it.

  7. @Maura: Nah, “Electric Feel” is definitely a great song regardless of venue.

  8. @Maura: Just listened to “Electric Feel” again and it’s cool. I also like “Time to Pretend” a lot. It’s just that “Kids” breaks my heart every time I listen to it. Somehow it reminds me of all I’ve lost and all I’ve learned from all my bad decisions, and all my good ones too.

  9. Ke

    @saturn: I recommend checking out “The Youth” by MGMT as well. That also reminds me of my childhood, especially reading Lord of the Flies.

    It is sort of sad seeing Weezer open up for a band, rather than headline, or co-headline :( Weezer <3 Great cover here and at KROQ!

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