The Future Of Music Criticism Sure Does Look Adorable

May 18th, 2009 // 5 Comments

From one of the many blogs now replacing paid writers at the recently downsized Seattle Post-Intelligencer site, a post called “Music Critic Cats”: “The snoozing cats wanted nothing to do with the mega song contest from Moscow – until the contestants from Azerbaijan hit the stage to sing ‘Always.’ The cats purred like crazy during the performance of AySel and Arash.” God, I hope this woman is planning to do extensive American Idol coverage tomorrow… [Cat Lady]

  1. I should probably also note that this blog entry was a much more personally enriching Google News result for “music” than the 10,583rd “OMG BRIAN WILLIAMS’ MUSIC TASTE YOU GUYS!!11one” mention. So, yeah.

  2. I call bullshit.

    My cats are indifferent to music. And movies. And the radio. Probably because none of the above provide them with food or personal attention.

  3. @clarknhilldaleredux: how do they feel about sunlight?

  4. If I had cats they would not be indifferent to Metal Machine Music.

  5. @Maura: They’re totally down with sunlight–they feel it is their due, personal attention from the gods. (They aren’t going to credit me for it, anyway.)

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