May 18th, 2009 // 6 Comments

Pearl Jam will be the first musical guest on the Conan O’Brien-hosted incarnation of Tonight. Not that NBC executives really care, what with them being too busy slobbering over Jay Leno’s Big Glass Of Warm Milk That Had Better Not Result In The Cancellation Of Law & Order Or I’m Going To Be Pretty Flicked Off. [AP]


  1. Seem spretty ho-hum. Is this Leno thing a nightly affair? It would probably be better just once a week or something, huh?

  2. @drunkwithpower: I would agree with that assessment. Which means, apparently, that we are not smart enough to be NBC executives; he’s going to be on five nights a week.

  3. Isn’t his whole show just “funny” headlines now, anyway? I can watch that on the average taxi ride.

  4. @tigerpop: Well, it’s also a lot cheaper than a scripted show.

    But yay, Law & Order got renewed! Although only for 16 episodes.

  5. Big ad for the Leno show in the NYTimes business section today, touting it to potential advertisers. “46 weeks” of fresh product is promised–that’s gotta be more new shows than Leno does now, God help us.

  6. Just came across this through any friends post..strategy and amazing skills here..

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