A Reminder: Come Back For Tonight’s “American Idol” Finale Liveblog

May 19th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Yes, I’ll be here tonight at 8 Eastern for our annual liveblog of the American Idol finale (and back again at the same time tomorrow). To celebrate this momentous occasion, here are a few factoids about your finalists’ hairdos!

• Adam Lambert’s slicked-down look on “The Tracks Of My Tears” took 25 minutes to create. “Many times, it’s just a matter of flat-ironing Adam’s hair [so] it’s not sticking up,” Idol stylist Raissa Patton told Newsday. His ‘do last week, for comparison’s sake, took about 20 minutes to complete.
• In contrast, it takes about 13 minutes to do Kris Allen’s hair. “It’s not that Kris doesn’t care. He’s a casual guy, great looking and so genuine, and he’s not trying to pull any punches or convince any people, he’s any different than he is,” Patton said. Aw!
• Adam is a natural strawberry blonde! I know, right? Crazy!

‘American Idol’ hairstylist: Adam Lambert’s hair ‘shocked’ me, Kris Allen’s is a breeze [Newsday]


  1. Somebody’s been watching the hair segments on Fox Reality’s “American Idol Extra.” Incidentally, that’s my favorite part of the show, as it has the least amount of Freelance Agent of Horror, Jillian Reynolds.

    (How did she get that hosting gig, by the way? There’s like, 9 seasons worth of AI castoffs hacking it out at chili cookoffs and state fairs, but they give it to the poor man’s Lisa Rinna? PS: That’s a poor man.)

  2. The best part of this photo is the fact that they’re holding each other’s balls.

  3. @Vulture.Protein: …do they waddle to a fro’? Can you tie ‘em in a knot? Can you tie ‘em in a bow? Can you throw them over your shoulder like a continental soldier…

  4. @cheesebubble: Cheesebubble you made me chuckle. Goodman!

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