Kanye West Would Like To Offer Up A New Celebrity Taxonomy

May 20th, 2009 // 8 Comments

In the midst of praising a sort of mediocre, but I guess well-framed paparazzi photo of Rihanna, Kanye West took some time out to offer up his thoughts on today’s biggest stars, and which current celebrities were serving as analogies of stars gone by, I guess because we live in the post-everything age. If you ever wondered which current somewhat-superstar Kanye West views as the new Jimi Hendrix and/or Roger Waters, the answers lie after the jump.

JUSTIN IS THE NEW MIKE (Jackson, I guess? Has anyone ever heard him called “Mike”? Are we just not famous enough?)
GAGA’S MADONNA (God help us)
WAYNE IS HENDRIX (Not with that guitar playing)

So, putting aside the, um, timeframe-spanning analogies that Kanye’s offering here, I have a question: Which “legend in the making” does he represent? Marvin Gaye? Andy Warhol? One of the Studio 54 guys? Or is he just, well, his own thing, defying comparison? And isn’t it sort of a cheat, if he thinks he is?

FRESH ASS PICTURE!! [kanYe West: Blog]


  1. Stevie?

    Doesn’t quite work — you have to ignore Wonder’s childhood fame and imagine that ‘Ye was a “12-year-old genius” only in his own mind and his mother’s. But the streak of four strong albums he’s on is not unlike Stevie’s 1972–76 output. Minus the Album of the Year Grammys, of course…

  2. @Chris Molanphy: Stevie Wonder? Wow. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

    I was thinking more Sir-Mix-A-Lot meets Puff Daddy, with more ego.

  3. I can see Marvin Gaye, actually, or even Prince. Someone with a lot of talent, a lot of ego, who pushes certain boundaries and has all kinds of bizarre personal backstories that eventually eclipse the music.

    Also, I’m reminded that Kanye still hasn’t gotten over Yorke’s dis a few months back….

  4. According to his rap on Keri Hilson’s “Knock You Down,” he’s the new Slick Rick. Aiming humble for once, I guess!

    Once he learns to sing for real (and I think maybe he could, but maybe I’m wrong), I could actually sign on for the Prince comparison.

  5. Er, sorry, thesemodernsocks. Missed your comment.

    Maybe Carole King? Longtime writer and producer who comes into his own despite having a weird voice?

  6. @dyfl: Slick Rick is aiming high for a rapper of Kanye’s skill set.

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