Who Won “American Idol”?

May 20th, 2009 // 22 Comments

Kris Allen. Who, once again, is just as surprised as you probably are.

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  1. @brasstax: shh… no spoilers in the sidebar!

  2. Does Kris have the same facial expression after every voting result? I don’t want to speak in cliche’s, but I would say the show really jumped the shark tonight. It doesn’t matter how nice the guy is, he is sorely lacking in talent. I’m happy for you guys that liked Kris, but seeing the obvious winner getting screwed is pretty ridiculous. The show has made a habit out of this since Bo lost(I don’t care how many Viacom related awards Carrie has won). Rock loses again to generic, acoustic, poop.

  3. Are you seriously saying Bo Bice was robbed by Carrie Underwood? I didn’t even watch that season, but I know it’s a boneheaded opinion.

  4. @brasstax: I don’t think this is bad outcome. Kris *needed* to win in order to get anything after the show ended. Adam, on the other hand, did not, and now has the added bonus of not being saddled with that horrendous Kara song. My reaction to Kris’s face at learning he won was: “Oh crap, now I gotta sing that song all f’ing summer!”

  5. “Opinion of” not “reaction to”. Damn, i should not type after drinking.

  6. @anibundel: I totally agree with you. {Vague language for sidebar consideration} The guy who didn’t win will have plenty of options that the winner likely wouldn’t, and the fact that the winner is more a trad-style AI pop star type probably means the contest worked out just as it should.

  7. If anyone’s singing “No Boundaries”, no one’s won.

  8. If anyone’s singing “No Boundaries”, the terrorists win.

  9. Excuse me brasstax, if you didn’t watch season 4, you wouldn’t know. How could you know and why would have an opinion? Go to Youtube and catch up(especially the Top 3 show). Anyone who did watch and has been around would say the same thing. Would Bo’s appeal be more commercial than Carrie’s? Of course not. But was he a better performer? Absolutely.
    Is Kris more effective at putting people to sleep than Ambien? Absolutely.

  10. @jonian2008: My claim is based on the opinions you’ve already shown throughout this season, what you like and don’t like. And also the fact I think Carrie Underwood is pretty good, and the one time I’ve seen Bo Bice do anything he sounded like the singer of any Skynyrd cover band I could go to see at any rock bar in any of six states in the southeast (where I live). It’s not impressive. It’s commonplace (regionally, at least).

  11. @jonian2008: I think the debate over who is the most talented/better performer/etc. is a bit of a moot point. I think that in many ways, Adam was just as predictable as any other contestant (couldn’t you always tell in advance what Adam’s performance, knowing the song, was going to sound like, down to the moment when he was to let his tongue out and hit the money note?), but what he did, he did well – and you could say the same thing about Kris, and you would probably say the same thing about Gokey (though I would disagree, based on the fact that what he did, Taylor did much better). At the end of the day, it really comes down to whether you like what it is they do well. In the case of Bo, I also thought he was better than Carrie – at that time – but that was probably because he stood out as something Idol hadn’t featured yet, a seasoned performer who would sing genuine rock songs, but his ceiling was much lower than Carrie, an inexperienced young singer with a big voice.

    I think that in many ways, this season has mirrored last year’s, with one performer starting out as a dark horse and growing more confident in their abilities as the season went by, perhaps playing the “game” better (“Heartless” was really the game changer, wasn’t it?) and eventually beating out the judges’ favourite, through no real fault of that contestant who kept performing well week after week in his chosen style. That being said, I don’t remember a previous season of Idol where I’ve come out very curious about the future of at least three of the Top 10 (Anoop, Allison, Adam, and you can probably throw in Kris, too), and not expecting to change the dial when the winning singer’s (second) single comes on.

    Sorry for the long post – I’m avoiding marking papers right now.

  12. Okay brasstax, I see where you would think Bo is just some Skynyrd wannabe. For the record, I can’t stand Skynyrd, and I think the show tried to paint him as this “southern rocker”, and he had some of that in him, but he had more classic hard rock in him. Especially based on his cover of an out of print Badlands song. Unfortunately, Bo was another victim of the Clive Davis generic machine and his debut album went gold, but it wasn’t really him. I liked Carrie too, but like Thierry stated, she really wasn’t seasoned enough at the time. I think she got a lot better over the years, but I wish she would do more challenging material. Anyway, take a look at this Youtube clip and if you don’t like it, no big deal.

    Anyway, Kris wasn’t my favorite for most of the season, even though I do think he’s okay. I think Gokey and Adam would have been a better finale, but Kris surprised us all. I saw that he supposedly got 38 million votes from Arkansas alone last night.

  13. @jonian2008: Bo was ahead of his time on Idol. Prior to season four, Idol was a show with age cap of 24 geared towards the 12-18 crowd. Carrie fit solidly within that imaged mold of winner, a 21 year old raw talent that could be molded and marketed with little back talk.
    The age limit raising, I thought was due in part to fantasia’s single mom back story, and the realization that by keeping the age so low, there was a level of dramatic story that they had totally cut themselves off from….what they did not take into consideration (or maybe they did) is that they would also suddenly find themselves able to tap into a level of local professional looking to make big–and how that would really change the winner mold they currently were looking for. Bo lost, but his very presence on the show suddenly gave it a credibility it didn’t have before (Breakaway also going multi-platinum that year bolstered that cred.) Without him, there would have been no Taylor or Daughtry. he might not have won, but he changed the show. And that was a good thing. The End.

  14. Any thoughts on why blind Scott didn’t get a celebrity duet?

  15. @whoneedslight: via his twitter: “Dear fans – sorry guys..Billy Joel couldn’t make it to the show so my duet was cut:( Thanks for watching anyway!” Aw man.

  16. btw, can we all agree that there was too much lil last night? bleh.

  17. @Maura:

    Billy Joel, what a dick!

  18. Billy Joel hates blind people.

  19. @Maura: If the “duet” meant singing one line and introducing the guest singer, like Anoop did (and it wasn’t even Ne-Yo, either!), Scott didn’t miss much. Why do I suspect that for Scott it would have been a full-length duelling pianos performance, though?

    Anoop can’t get no respect!

  20. @Maura:

    Yes, there was too much Lil. Just goes to show that even when the judges and audience sour on you, the producers can’t let go.

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