The Pyro Is To Distract People From All Those Other Creed Songs People Don’t Want To Hear

May 21st, 2009 // 7 Comments

“While preparing to record, Creed has also been focusing on its tour, with a repertoire that will include ‘all the Creed songs people want to hear’ as well as the new material, plus plenty of pyrotechnics.” [Billboard; HT Candice Jones]

  1. I realize the blogosphere is going to treat this Creed reunion as a non-stop punchline (and one I totally enjoy). However, I get the feeling that even the people who swore by Creed in the 99-01 era might also think they’re kinda lame at this point. So, that being said, are these shows selling well? I just feel like the nostalgia fever isn’t quite there yet for these guys.

  2. “all the Creed song people want to hear”

    There, fixed that.

  3. Also: assuming a one hour set, that’s gonna be a LOT of pyro to drown out 50+ minutes of music… I might go see it for the pyro. Unless it’s in a small club with foam padding on the walls.

  4. @2ironic4u: they haven’t gone on sale yet. should be interesting to see what happens when they do.

  5. I saw a Creed ad on television (VH1 possibly?). I guess it was hyping the tour since they aren’t releasing anything. There was a lot of god-like posing. It made me a little bit sad that they have to advertise on television to stir up enthusiasm.

    Okay, not really.

  6. How the hell do you know how God poses? Say what you want to…their new album will sell.

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