Hey, Tina Brown, Can You Maybe Get Someone With A Basic Knowledge Of The Logistics Of “American Idol” To Write About It Next Time?

May 22nd, 2009 // 4 Comments

Because no, 100 million people did not vote in Tuesday night’s battle between Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, as your writer Randall Lane asserts in his piece on the show’s so-called “red-state resurgence.” So, like, calling out a site whose survey “blocks people from voting more than once, undermining any Chicago ward-style ballot stuffing,” as your evidence that Wednesday night’s outcome represents some sort of “red state” victory completely glosses over all the girls who voted 6,000 times during the four-hour period when the polls were open. News flash: Kris Allen is a cute boy! And that sort of stuff transcends politics, most of the time. [The Daily Beast]

  1. I’m always bothered by the “too cool for school” crowd trying to make sense of Idol or something like Fall Out Boy; the articles never come out correctly and read like a “Well, it’s happening, so we had to write SOMETHING” sort of thing.

    And then there’s Jon Caramanica’s piece on Idol in the Times which really pissed me off. I know Idol isn’t his bag, in the grand scheme of things, Kris Allen doesn’t deserve such a takedown. And this after JC wrote a pretty nice article about Patrick Stump last year!

  2. Jesus Aich, can we please spare the acid of Media Reductiveness and fucking just stop trading in these idiotic tropes and just accept that Kris won and it’s not some Big Meaningful Trend Thingy or whatever?


  3. I like Adam a lot. I hope he goes on to cover a song off of 13 Above the Night or sing with Queen, but it can’t be understated how much cuter Kris is … particularly if you have HD. More pancake than a church fundraiser! If there really was a “red state resurgence,” Adam would have been voted off for his Ring of Fire.

    What I’m finding offensive is any comparison between Adam and Clay Aiken. One is Burning Man and the other is seasonal sweaters and “Hang in There!” posters. They have about as much to do with each other as I have to do with the cast of Real Chance of Love. …Okay, maybe musical theatre…

  4. Yeah, that red state bs is just stupid. I don’t doubt Kris got the most votes, but I do think the producers were definitely aware a “rocker” won over the “cute guy” last year. And of all the second place finishers they’ve had, Adam probably has more momentum for his career than the others anyway.

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