Beyoncé Keeps Her Dancers Close, Her Cameramen Far

May 22nd, 2009 // 2 Comments

Beyoncé’s video for “Ego” continues the theme of her being flanked by two other dancers, and this time there are props: a chair, a clutch of canes. There are also a few weird edits, like at around a minute in, when B and her henchwomen are clearly doing something with their legs but the camera stays trained on their heads. Modesty, flirtatiousness, or a gnawing fear about the censors at 1515 Broadway feeling like legs swinging open like they’re on hinges is going a bit too far? [OnSMASH via CONFESSIONS OF LIARS]

  1. i think i might find this dance a little tougher to do than single ladies.

    also, “bitch” was silenced. i thought that word was okay on the radio now.

  2. @silkyjumbo: Funny, I was thinking this one is a lot easier than single ladies.

    I don’t know. This whole concept was fabulous this first time, but this time it’s a little corny. Maybe it’s the bad camera editing or the fact that I just don’t like the song as much, but it seems pretty meh.

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