Fall Out Boy Bring Some Much-Needed Professionalism To “Today”

May 22nd, 2009 // 8 Comments

No really you guys, every time I tune into Today I am kind of shocked at just how, well, self-indulgent it all feels. I mean, here are a lot of people who are making a lot more money than probably 99.9% of their audience, and they’re basically giggling and joking their way through their jobs. Is it because the producers want to make the show “relatable”? Was it like this in the Bryant-and-Jane days and I just didn’t notice, because I was too busy being late to school? I have no idea, although I do know that I want to try every pizza that was showcased this morning. Anyway, here’s Fall Out Boy doing “What A Catch, Donnie” on the show a few hours ago, which I am hoping is a sign that it’ll be the band’s next single. I’m a little sad that Patrick Stump didn’t do the Elvis Costello-voiced portion of the song–when I saw the band at Bamboozle earlier this month, it sounded spot on–but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it sounds great. [YouTube]


  1. I think “Donnie” would be a weak single, but then so would the other choice that’s been floated out there, “Winona.” Such a good album, such a lame series of singles/videos.

  2. I think the best choice is Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes, but it seems like the Boy never go with the first album track as a single, even though its always awesome – Thriller, Our Lawyer Made us Change the Name, Tell That Mick, etc.

  3. My wife watches Today every morning. (Cue British accent) What a bunch of pretentious wankers!

    I believe I heard Adam and Kris will be on soon – I’ll be interested in checking that out.

  4. I never thought that I’d give so many FOB songs a listen, but Idolator always has me thinking I’m missing something. I even watched an entire concert of theirs on Fuse a few months back, thinking “Well, Idolator loves ‘em, so let me see what’s going on here”.

  5. @MayhemintheHood: so, whaddya think? Do you like any of it? Live, they can be a little hit or miss.

  6. @Al Shipley: I don’t think Winona is such a bad choice for a single, actually. Maybe they’ll go with TIffany Blews instead.

  7. @drinkypuss: No, I don’t like them. I’ll still check out and listen to future songs/albums, but I’m thinking it’s not my cup of tea. I’d be lying if I said they aren’t talented, or at least Patrick Stump is(or whomever does the songwriting).

  8. @MayhemintheHood Wentz writes most of the lyrics and Stump does most of the music.

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