The Jonas Brothers Are Looking Over Their Collective Shoulder

The fourth studio album by tween juggernaut the Jonas Brothers–which has the somewhat awkward, yet also Sugababes-ish title Lines, Vines and Trying Times–comes out on June 15, less than 10 months after their previous effort, the silky-smooth A Little Bit Longer, was released to stores. Whether this is an attempt to get the record out there before every record store goes away, or before the bulk of the JBs’ fans age out of the target demo–or both–is a matter between the Walt Disney Company and its shareholders, but the first single from the album is certainly . “Paranoid,” which has references to meds and exes, possesses a sheen that recalls some of the glossiest, softest pop of the late ’80s (most notably, Icehouse’s “Electric Blue”)–and the attendant clip allows Joe Jonas to be tag-teamed by a pair of mask-wearing luchadores, which I’m sure is getting some of the fan fiction writers out there hot and bothered on this long weekend. [Dailymotion]