Scarlett Johansson Still Trying That Whole “Being A Singer” Thing

May 26th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Scarlett Johansson’s three-year-old collaboration with Pete Yorn, Break Up, is being released on Sept. 9. Judging by the song streaming from the album’s official site, ScarJo’s voice has been heavily manipulated into something that can actually convey emotion–I’m going to guess that is thanks to Yorn’s tinkering with levels. (Perhaps that explains the delay between recording and release in part?) Also, the song seems a little bit more She & Him than Gainsbourg et Bardot to these ears, mainly because it’s so damn peppy. [Official site / Billboard]


  1. I really don’t think she’s a terrible singer. She’s certainly better than a lot of indiedom (Vivian Girls?). She’s pretty void of vocal personality, but I think that Sitek’s production was a lot of the problem on the last one. I know this ain’t a popular viewpoint, but I think the guy overstuffs his productions so much that he often squelches emotion in his singers, so the only way they can be heard is to yelp over the top (TVOTR).

  2. @Lucas Jensen: Oh my effin’ GAWD dude we get it–you HATE David Sitek’s production. You’ve only mentioned it every single time anything remotely connected to him and/or TVOTR is mentioned on this site.

    It’s not so much that “ain’t a popular viewpoint,” but seriously, it’s getting old. Like, ancient. There has got to be someone/something/ANYTHING else out there that can you can bag on.

  3. Wow. You’ve got my number.

  4. Just got around to hearing this today. Very Winehouse-ian in the vocals there. I wonder if Mark Ronson has rung her up yet? (yes, snicker, snicker…)

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