It’s Time To Bug Out Over Pie

May 28th, 2009 // 40 Comments

Hey! It’s my birthday, so in the time-honored tradition of elementary-school classrooms, I am giving out sweets! Thanks to the generosity of, Idolator is giving away a Shoo Fly Pie to one lucky reader of this site. (If you never visited Amish Country and you’re curious as to what, exactly, this sweet concoction might be, there’s more information here. One word: Molasses.) To enter, just comment on this post with your favorite song about insects–because it’s a Shoo-Fly pie, get it?–before midnight ET; I’ll pick a winner tomorrow morning, and whoever commands the prize will have a pie FedExed their way, so as to accelerate their sugar coma. Happy entering!

(PS: The winners of the PJ Harvey / John Parish contest will be picked later today, and contacted tomorrow.)


  1. Simply “The Bug” by Soul Coughing

  2. Although I may be beyond sick of the rest of the album, “The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out to Get Us!” by Sufjan Stevens still gets me every time.

  3. A Skull Full of Maggots by Cannibal Corpse. Obviously.

  4. “Lullaby” by the Cure.

  5. Happy birthday, Maura!

    Bugs by Pearl Jam?

  6. “Bug Day” by, who else? The Fall

  7. My vote goes for Wire’s ‘I Am the (Shoo) Fly.’

  8. Most importantly, Happy Birthday Maura!!

    “Lifespan of a Fly” by The Bird and the Bee. (Although anything off of Mirah’s Share This Place album would work, too.)

  9. It’s your birthday, as well? How awesome is that? (A: Very.)

  10. “Bugman” by Blur

    And as a heavily pregnant, grumpy pregnant woman, I will wrestle the pie away from anyone else who wins this (albeit slowly and clumsily).

    Happy b-day, Maura! You share your day with another goddess, Kylie Minogue. How are you celebrating?

  11. @jt.ramsay: That was going to be my pick! I’ll go with “Boris the Spider” by the Who if spiders, though not actually insects, are acceptable. Otherwise, I’m partial to “Waterbug” by the Flaming Lips.

    Also, happy birthday Maura!

  12. Yay birthday!

    And same thing as @Thierry for “Spiders (Kidsmoke)” by Wilco. If that’s not allowed, I’ll go to “Wasp Riot” by Dead Child.

  13. s.

    Happy birthday man! Would you believe that I had the Modern Lovers’ “Hey There Little Insect” stuck in my head all morning even before I read this post? It would get my vote, with “Bugging” by the Flaming Lips and “Buggin’ Out” by Tribe (though it’s possibly not insect-related) coming in close behind.

  14. Happy birthday, mon capitan. You give out sweet prizes like a boss.

  15. Happy Birthday-

    My favorite bug song: Company On My Back by Wilco

    I don’t think spider’s count as insects. Science tends to agree.

  16. happy birthday, Maura! s. beat me to “Hey There Little Insect” by Jonathan Richman. So, I’ll nominate “Buzz Buzz Buzz Goes the Honeybee” by the same. Honey is sweet like shoo fly pie!

  17. The Caterpillar by The Cure (flames that kiss you dead and all that)

    Also a song called Flypaper that my man wrote, but as you likely haven’t heard it you can’t really judge. It’s real good tho.

  18. Doin’ the Cockroach, Modest Mouse.

  19. Insects by Altered Images. and Happy Birthday!! it’s my birthday too (and i’m not just quoting the beatles, it really is).

  20. ds

    Mosquito Song by Queens of the Stone Age.

  21. Happy birthday.

    My first and second choices were already taken so I’l go with The Cramps “Human Fly”.

  22. Happy Birthday, Maura!

    “Human Fly” by The Cramps, of course.

  23. Happy Birthday Maura.

    I got the best one:

    Shoofly by “Cherubs” (austin tx, trance syndicate) from the album “icing”

  24. congrats on another whirl around the sun, maura.

    my nominee is “mayfly” by belle and sebastian.

  25. Too slow on the enter key, I suppose, so I’ll take “Antmusic” by Adam & the Ants instead.

  26. Happy Birthday! I’m gonna go with The Dragonfly by Clutch.

  27. Sorry, I got nothin’, except maybe the song related to that graphic.

    And, agreed, Happy Birthday!

  28. Cows’ “Cabin Man” is the only song about a cockroach that can bring a tear to my eye:

  29. And happy birthday, yes!

  30. I was going to go with “Spider and I” by Brian Eno before some above posts reminded me that spiders aren’t insects. So I’ll sub in “Parasites” by Ugly Cassanova.

    Happy B-Day Maura!

  31. I made up my own song, to the tune of “Shenandoah”

    Oh, shoo-fly pie, I can see you
    I like sweets and you are yummy
    Oh, shoo-fly pie, I long to eat you
    Away, and down you go into my hungry tummy

    When you sing it, think “Harry Belafonte”

  32. RAMONES – “Spider-Man Theme”

    Felix dies natalis Maura!

  33. Happy Birthday!

    Dwarves-”Insect Whore”

  34. Does “Marais Le Nuit” from the Neko Case album count? I mean, 30 minutes of bugs and frogs…..happy birthday Maura! I hope you have a wonderful year….

  35. Mercury Rev, Spiders and Flies

  36. Happy birthday!!

    “Spiders” by Editors is my pick. I love Editors and the song just happens to involve bugs.

    Much love for shoo-fly pie! I’m from central PA so I love shoo-fly pie and whoopie pies are always great!

  37. Happy Birthday! I’ve never had Shoo Fly Pie, but it definitely trumps the idea of elementary school birthday cupcakes!

  38. Shuffle Demons “Out Of My House, Roach.” Oh, 1986…

  39. I can’t believe nobody has said “Change (in the House of Flies)” by the Deftones yet! (Happy birthday!)

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