May 29th, 2009 // 2 Comments

An AP attempt to ride Google traffic story on how to watch big-voiced matron Susan Boyle’s performance on the Britain’s Got Talent finale has as its final suggestion that you hop a last-minute flight to London–and hey, “last minute round-trip flights from New York to London were starting upwards of $1,000 as of Thursday night”–in order to catch the show on telly. Oh c’mon, guys! YouTube searches aren’t that hard to navigate. [AP / Pic via eBay, which I guess needed something to fill the Adam Lambert merch void]


  1. remember that scene in poltergeist with the light and wind blasting behind the girl? just saying.


    1. Become a Tomorrow Person and jaunt to London.
    2. Go back in time and win the Revolutionary War for England.
    3. Hitch a ride w/Falkor.
    4. Caddy for the Dali Lama, have him stiff you but give you complete enlightenment on deathbed, kill self seconds before Boyle goes on stage, use complete enlightenment to inhabit Boyle’s soul.
    5. Shrug indifferently, continue crossing days off calendar until “Project Runway” premiere.

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