Surely One Of You Out There Wants To Try Out For “American Idol”

Jun 2nd, 2009 // 5 Comments

krisandadamSure, it’s not like the whole kerfuffle over people being taught how to use their cell phones’ directory functions is even cold in the ground yet, but the next round of auditions for America’s No. 1 singing-talent-slash-freak-show starts next weekend in Boston. The next six weeks will also feature tryouts in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, and Orlando, so get practicing! Or, you know, just put together a RYAN SEACREST PLEASE GIVE ME ONE OF YOUR MANY JOBS sign, because then you’ll be a cinch for the opening montage. The schedule as it now stands is after the jump.

Atlanta: Georgia Dome
Registration, June 16-17; Auditions, June 18

Boston: Gillette Stadium
Registration, June 12-13; Auditions, June 14

Chicago: TBA
Registration and audition dates TBA

Dallas: TBA
Registration and audition dates TBA

Denver: Invesco Field
Registration, July 12-13; Auditions, July 14

Los Angeles: Rose Bowl
Registration, June 28-29; Auditions, June 30

Orlando: Amway Arena
Registration, July 7-8; Auditions, July 9

How fitting is it that Orlando’s arena is named after a multi-level marketing concern? Oh, Florida.

Season 9 Auditions []

  1. oh silly American Idol….Gillette Stadium is in Foxboro, not Boston. Are they going to play a “Boston Sights and Sounds Montage” like they did last time to try to distract us from their blatant location lies?

  2. Gotta say, my heart doesn’t bleed or anything, but it’s moments like this where I think Simon Cowell has a point about being tired of the whole grind. Can you imagine going into the first round of auditions three weeks after that exhausting season? I mean, it’s not a factory floor or anything, but…blech. (I suppose he does get the fall off.)

  3. @Chris Molanphy: from my understanding, simon doesn’t join the pool until a few months from now… these are the prelims for the room stuff, which happens in the late summr / early fall.

  4. @Krissy: probably! and there’ll be an ‘i love l.a.’ montage for pasadena, too.

  5. @Maura: You are correct. The judges don’t get involved until mid-August.

    Seacrest, on the other hand, has to make an appearance at every single one of these.

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