Circulatory System Feel The Joy Running Through Their Connected Bodies

Jun 3rd, 2009 // 3 Comments

Signal Morning will be the second album from Circulatory System–the post-Olivia Tremor Control project of that band’s co-founder Will Cullen Hart, and you can bet that the band’s roster is stuffed with many members of the Elephant 6 collective–and the first track, the chaotically melodic, shape-shifting “Overjoyed,” has been released to stoke anticipation three months out. (That’s, like, forever in Internet time, guys.) Like a lot of isolated album tracks from this band and its antecedent, “Overjoyed” sounds like a part snipped out from a greater, more expansive whole, but man is it still good to hear Hart’s voice at front-and-center of a harmonic convergence together again. [MBV]


  1. They’re totally not a singles band (except, “Yesterday’s World” – wowowowow), but this makes me super excited! Can’t wait.

    WCH has also talking about a new Olivia Tremor Control record too, which, well, OMG!!:

  2. I finally stopped waiting for the second Circulatory System record, so this comes as a nice surprise.

  3. I recently heard about the return of Circulatory System and Olivia Tremor Control. Fabulous news, indeed. I have nothing but love for all things Elephant 6.

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