Novelty Songs: The Last Hope Of The Record Industry (?)

“Soundtrack features performances by The Dan Band and Mike Tyson.” Dear person who wrote the ad copy for the soundtrack to The Hangover: Why must you remind me that we live in a world where Danzig gets lower billing than a comedy act best known for “its covers of originally female-performed pop songs, with added obscenities and swearing”? Blech. [Amazon]

  • ObtuseIntolerant

    I kinda feel the same resentment toward that Andy Samberg band and Flight of the Conchords. I *get* them. But I resent their chart success just a wee bit, sometimes.

    Though if I was being fair – I never felt that way about Weird Al.

  • Lampbane

    Possibly because the Dan Band is a new track (at least I think it is) and the Danzig song is 10 years old?