The Public Image Limited Blazer: No Word On Whether It Comes In A Metal Box

Jun 5th, 2009 // 4 Comments

The only surprising thing about this jacket, aside from its most unfortunate embellishing of the pockets and collars? (If you ever needed to know the difference between “deconstructed” and “just not finished,” this is it.) It’s not for sale at the John Varvatos store currently occupying the former CBGB space; instead, it’s being sold by the Japanese designer Jun Takahashi for only two days at a Tokyo department store. Starting today. So, um, buy your tickets now?

Oh, and the rings (and bracelets?) continue the Metal Box theme, at least.

Undercover x Public Image Limited Collection [High Snobiety via A Post Punk Tumblr]

  1. Words cannot express.

  2. A dear friend came very close to getting Johnny Rotten tattooed on his forearm in high school. He didn’t, and with each passing year, he regrets not doing it less and less. I think with this information, he’ll be at 100% no regrets.

  3. How can it be a PIL jacket if it doesn’t have spit stains on it?

  4. Spit stains and some stale lager? High end Japanese designers cannot reproduce those elements, you have to actually be spat on by Rotten and have him dump his beer on your head and call you a dirty wanker before it can truly be authentic. It would be cheaper (and more creative, not to mention more fun) if we all just designed our own jackets using thrift store purchased jackets and a little creative home silk screening.

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