Jun 8th, 2009 // 4 Comments

singlejonasThe Jonas Brothers’ official YouTube channel was yanked from the service briefly over the weekend, and the rumor is that it was yanked because Sony BMG does not take kindly to people repurposing its copyrights for flights of fancy like the “Joe Jonas Dances To ‘Single Ladies’” video. Everything is apparently back now, although I’m guessing this kerfuffle will kill the possibility of Nick donning beaded-curtain shades and taking on the clip for “Diva.” [Music Is The Heart Of Our Soul]

  1. That whole thing would be a lot funnier if Justin Timberlake hadn’t already done it.

  2. @NeverEnough: Well I guess, except it’s different because Justin Timberlake is an actual dancer, in his case only the outfit was funny. In any case, he didn’t have a choice because of the fan voting. I voted for the conga solo.

    Anyway, I must say, I would really feel for Sony BMG on this one if that rumor was true (I don’t think it was) because….it’d really suck to get all that free advertising?

  3. @ObtuseIntolerant: True. Still, seeing Joe in a unitard has made me rethink my sexuality. Does finding this hot make me a lesbian? I’m so confused…

  4. hahaha lol funny!!!!
    i love the video! Joe ROCKS for doing that! :D
    Love You Danger!<3

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