T-Pain Can Apparently Still Afford To Buy You (And Me) (And Everyone Else) A Drank

Jun 9th, 2009 // 2 Comments

Perhaps to celebrate that his very Autotuned voice was spared by Jay-Z’s attempt to go all killing-spree on the technology, T-Pain posted a picture of a 10-pound, 197-karat, $410,000 chain to his Twitter account on Sunday, referring to himself as “Señor Recession Proof” while he did so. And in a sign that he probably won’t end up like Scott Storch, he later defended his choice to buy the chain with the assertion that his five-year-old–one of three children he has with his wife–already had a $4 million trust set aside, so why not do something stupid with what I guess is his walking-around money? A larger picture of the chain after the jump.


Kind of amazing to think that this BIG ASS CHAIN could equal a bailout for many of the music magazines that have gone under in the past few years.

T-Pain [Twitter]


  1. I liked his Mini Cooper on switches more.

  2. It should read:

    B I G
    A S S
    H O L E

    just sayin’

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