Jun 9th, 2009 // 3 Comments

Overachieving songwriter Nellie McKay is writing a musical based on Tom Perrotta’s Election, and her take on her responsibilities is almost-Flickian! “This means I get to decide what parts are emphasized, which creates a lot of pressure on me. I hoping it turns out all right, but there are so many people involved in the making of any one of these shows that it’s hard to know what fingers to cross.” [PopMatters via BV]

  1. And I imagine she won’t be performing this in Canada either…It’s nice of her to be against hunting seals, but I don’t think punishing a couple thousand Canadian fans will really do much to change government policy.

  2. @Thierry: That kind of issue demagoguery is so ridiculous. She plays the US, right? We’ve got all sorts of bad things happening to animals here. I’m sure she could find any reason not to play anywhere.

  3. @Lucas Jensen: I guess torturing people at Guantanamo<hunting seals. I know her heart is probably in the right place, but this kind of protest gives politically active musicians a bad name.

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