The Roots Turn Jimmy Fallon’s Studio Into The Max For A Few Minutes

Jun 9th, 2009 // 4 Comments

In case you missed it: Last night’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon had an extended segment in which Mark-Paul Gosselar reincarnated himself as the poufy-haired, brick-phone-carrying wisealeck Zack Morris, the character at the center of NBC’s Saturday-morning sitcom Saved By The Bell. What ties this into a music blog: The Roots not only killed the SBTB theme, they backed up Morris–er, Gosselar–as he busted into his old band the Zack Attack’s chestnut “Friends Forever.” It’s been quite a ’90stastic couple of days for ?uestlove and the gang–first they’re bringing Donnie Wahlberg and Jordan Knight onstage in Philadelphia, and now they’re playing backup band for Zack Morris. What’s next–swapping out their Highline Ballroom residency for one at the Peach Pit After Dark? [Hulu via Brokedown Palace]


  1. This clip only encourages my belief that the Jimmy Fallon show would be far more amusing without Jimmy Fallon.

  2. Late Night with ?uestlove would probably be far more enjoyable…

  3. I have to say I usually Tivo most of the talk shows, and both Jimmys have been a lot more entertaining than Dave & Conan. I’ve been a long time fan of Dave since his NBC days, but lately his comedy bits have been painfully stale. Conan is okay, but not really any different than he’s always been. Fallon has an enthusiasm that is fun to watch and The Roots have really been great.

  4. @jonian2008: If, by enthusiasm, than you mean a deer in the headlights look and obvious cue-card reading then, yes, Jimmy Fallon has it.

    Listen, Conan sucked at first, too, but Fallon makes me feel so nervous and awkward in a way that’s hard to describe. It’s like watching someone else embarrass themselves on the dance floor. His interviewing skills–when the interview is not canned–are just deplorable, and the canned bits aren’t even that good. It’ll probably get better, of course, and it’s not an easy job. He has all of the other stuff (band, set, format) in place. He just needs to get with it.

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