Jay-Z’s Movement To Kill Autotune Is Now Officially Bloggable

Jun 9th, 2009 // 3 Comments

So in response to/as a way of giggling over Jay-Z’s musical rant against AutoTune, a new blog counting off the reasons that the vocal-manipulation technique should be abolished has started. It already has eight reasons, including its opening the door for a potential robot takeover and manipulated Bible verses! It also takes on one of the people that Jay absolved because of his ability to write a melody, which I’m sure he’ll quibble with, but at least it’s funnier than Wyclef Jean’s Nick Cannon-assisted parody of the blipped-voice genre. [Death Of Autotune via Ian]


  1. I think Autotune is officially dead, I heard it used on a Wendy’s commercial this morning.

  2. The elimination of autotune is truly a declaration of war on terror. May it be obliterated.

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