Virginia’s Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Was Born To Run

Jun 10th, 2009 // 3 Comments

A brief list of musical artists who Creigh Deeds, the surprising victor in yesterday’s Democratic primary for the Virginia governor’s race, rode to victory according to his Twitter account:

Bruce Springsteen!
Cat Power!
Old Crow Medicine Show!
Gram Parsons!
Merle Haggard!
Neil Young!
Pete Townshend! (Not as awkward as it would have been a few years back!)
Van Morrison!
Willie Nelson!

Somehow this roster of artists didn’t garner him an endorsement from Paste, but perhaps the fact that he triumphed despite being up against it money-wise–thanks in part to some well-timed “Springsteen binges,” no doubt!–will inspire them to write a testimonial for him in time for Nov. 3.

Virginia Politics [Washington Post]
Creigh Deeds [Twitter; HT Lucas]


  1. Cracker also performed an in-store at our local record store on Friday and Creigh Deeds introduced them.
    Not that I voted, though, it was storming. I really didn’t think this guy was going to win!

  2. Pet Sounds too! David Allen Coe! Well, at least that last one shows he’s not much for politically correct, focus-grouped picks…

  3. @fabulousrobots: I don’t think anybody did. Terry McAuliffe is such a loser, though. Maybe people saw the light. That guy presided over some of the worst years for Dems ever.

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