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I’m coming to this after pretty much everyone else on the Internet, but I do have to mention that the opening cinematic for The Beatles Rock Band makes the game look like it’s going to be pretty fun to play. As does the gameplay trailer, in which the in-game versions of the Fab Four actually look like themselves, thus escaping the whole Uncanny Valley thing that makes most computer-generated people somewhat unnerving to look at. [The Beatles Rock Band]

  1. I love that opening video so much.

  2. Opening video is fun to watch once, but it’s the gameplay trailer that sells me — the recreated details of the various outfits and venues are impressive. Seriously, I’m starting to price out PS3s and XBoxes after this…

  3. Be honest — you like this because it involves CGI-Shea Stadium.

  4. @Maura: Haha. I thought about that when I sent it you, Maura!

    I agree, Chris Molanphy, about the details and stuff, though I would love to play the Twickenham rehearsals and fights. And shouldn’t it be all Paul on Back in the USSR?

  5. the Fab Four actually look like themselves, thus escaping the whole Uncanny Valley thing

    Actually, it’s because they look like cartoons of themselves that lets them escape the Uncanny Valley. If they looked more like themselves in real life, that would make the Uncanny Valley effect worse.

  6. @sicksteanein: the gameplay versions are more ‘realistic’ and less cartoony than the screenshot above.

  7. @Maura: Ya, I know.

    It was just that your statement of them looking like themselves implying that would escape the Uncanny Valley was logically unsound since the more real (i.e. more like themselves) something looks, the worse the Uncanny Valley is.

    Oh man, I hope that makes sense. Logic and the Internet aren’t friends.

  8. FYI, the opening cinematic was directed by Pete Candeland, who co-directed almost all of Gorillaz’s videos (with Jamie Hewlett, of course).

  9. I am a hypocrite. I have been naysaying Rock Band and Guitar Hero for a while now. I’ve also balked at the notion The Beatles might become involved. But ever since the preview at E3, I’ve been wishing I had money to burn for the entire Beatles Rock Band set.

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