Phil Spector’s Wall Of Hair Becomes A Casualty Of The Legal System

Above, Phil Spector bears an eerie resemblance to another rock legend in his booking photo taken at a California prison last week. It’s a testament to whoever was impersonating the disgraced record producer on Twitter that he at least got the bit about his wigs being confiscated by The Man right. [The Smoking Gun]

  • spankyjoe

    I have no idea how I didn’t see this coming. Apparently, if your hairstyles are so patently ridiculous, nobody will suspect that you’re wearing a piece. Wall of Sound, Wall of Hair. Who knew?

  • thesemodernsocks

    Ladies and gentleman, I ask you: Is THAT the face of a cold blooded murder?

    The defense rests.

  • slowburn

    Golem, is that you?

  • Thierry

    Vlad Putin, welcome to your future!

  • cheesebubble

    Frighteningly awesome. If the wig doesn’t fit, you must acquit!

  • rekoil

    Also, the man is a mere 5’3″. No wonder he had a nasty temper.