Why Is Damon Albarn Wearing A Backpack While Rehearsing?

Blur’s first concert since 2000 is happening in London this Saturday, and to whet peoples’ appetites–and make Americans who don’t have the type of spending money to jet across the Atlantic to see Blur for a weekend insanely jealous–they’ve posted footage of themselves rehearsing three songs online: “Song 2,” “For Tomorrow,” and “Death Of A Party.” But as many astute YouTube observers noted, lead singer Damon Albarn is wearing a backpack during the test run of “Song 2.” Why would that be? Are there weights in there to help him get in shape for what might be a hyperactive performance of the most unlikely jock jam? Is he hoping to bring back raving? Did he really not want to lose his keys? So many mysteries. Video after the jump!

Blur post rehearsal footage of 3 songs [YouTube via Music Radar]

  • Thierry

    I say that he’s got Graham’s bicycle seat and helmet in there, to prevent him from running away once Damon starts suggesting they try out some Mali Music outtakes he thinks would be a great new direction for Blur…

  • http://http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0660228/ How do I say this…Throwdini!?!

    I think he has an orange, a granola bar and a bottle of water. Proper nutrition and hydration are important.

  • http://dangibson.tumblr.com Dan Gibson

    Why did he insist on fiddling with a ukulele during the taping of his segment of “Live Forever”? No one can understand the Albarn. NO ONE.

  • http://www.indiepoint.blogspot.com DocStrange

    Any footage of Blur performing pleases me. Even if the song posted is “Song 2″. I saw the footage of them rehearsing “For Tomorrow”, one of my favorite songs of all time, which pretty much made my day.

  • allenglandclub

    Perhaps Graham asked that Damon check his giant ego at the door, and Damon was afraid it would get lost out there all by itself. Or perhaps Alex brought Damon some delicious fresh cheese, and he wanted to make sure no one else got at it during the session.