Seether Kills ’80s Nostalgia Dead

A brief list of utterly unnecessary pop-culture references in Seether’s C64-inspired clusterfuck of a video for its still-unkillable cover of “Careless Whisper,” a clip that is half-’80s nostalgia trip and half-boneheaded “commentary” on issues of the present day like Kim Jong Il’s grip on power. You may recognize him up top, where he’s talking to Tony “Scarface” Montana and Vicki while presiding over a scaffold not unlike the one Donkey Kong commands. Oh, haha, I guess I just inadvertently started that list! But there is so much more. These aren’t in order, really, because Yahoo! won’t let you rewind! or fast-forward! the video!, and I was not going to listen to George Michael’s masterwork get murdered multiple times. Special thanks to Al Shipley for letting me rant about this video to him while I was watching it! • Bailouts. • The stock market. • Mortal Kombat. • Swine flu. • Pitfall! (Paired with swine flu.) • Big-breasted nurses. (OK, so that’s more of a timeless motif.) • Q-Bert. • DeLoreans. • Teen Wolf. • The A-Team. • “The environment.” • Peak oil. (Well, sort of.) • E.T. (But not E.T.: The video game! Curious.) The one nice touch: The first whack the lead singer gets against a bad guy is a “Wham!” If only the rest of this clip had that relative wit.Careless Whisper [Yahoo!]

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