Guns N’ Roses Flip The Flipping Of The Bird

Jun 16th, 2009 // 6 Comments

Have you ever been confronted with an image that’s so odd, so impossible for your brain to fully comprehend on first, second, or even 10th glance, that you can’t stop looking at it? That’s how I feel about the guitar-tab book for Chinese Democracy, which comes out at the end of this month–only seven months after the album on which it’s based came out! (Progress!) Perhaps because of said car-crash nature–just figuring out the scale of the various heads attached to the bodies has taken up a good chunk of my morning already–I do believe that this cover would have garnered a lot more attention for the record than the abandoned-bike one the album wound up being fronted by, if only because people are still into making those “devil horns” that stopped being anything resembling edgy oh, in around 1994 or so.

Chinese Democracy Guitar Tab Book [CHINESE DEMOCRACY

  1. Man, if the recording industry thinks they got hit hard by the growth of internet downloading, just imagine how sheet music companies must feel.

    All the tabs from Chinese Democracy have been on Ultimate Guitar for a while (and pretty good transcriptions I might add).

  2. Nooooo! No No No No No! It looks like the before from a Lysol commercial! Game over, man!

  3. that symbol is not devil horns. the illustration is done by a Chinese artist and its the Chinese symbol for scorn.

    might help if you actually did some research before you decided to hold forth on things.

  4. @jlena: feel free to point me to “google describe a really ugly image search in hopes that it will allow you to make stronger jokes on a blog,” new friend.

  5. @jlena: Also a Hindi and Catholic blessing.

  6. @jlena: And the best method for flicking paper footballs/tiny paint-drop people.

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