Mariah Carey’s New Single Already Getting Leakbloggers A-Twitter

Jun 16th, 2009 // 5 Comments

Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed,” the first single off her forthcoming Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel, will get its premiere on Chicago pop radio station B96 today–but don’t expect a radio rip of the track to show up on all those song-sharing pop blogs for at least a few hours. Last year, when lead E=MC2 single “Touch My Body” came out, Island Def Jam’s squad of web sheriffs went on a rampage, deleting blogs that dared post ZShare links to the track left and right. The leakblogger known as “Vicki”–whose former site, Crazy World Of Music, chronicled the “Touch My Body” casualties and is now refusing to post any Mariah at her new blog, Music Is The Heart Of Our Soul–broke down why she’ll be abstaining from the rush to capitalize on the Google traffic for “mariah carey obsessed” in her, um, inimitable style on Twitter.

Vicki’s warnings began yesterday:

If you post MC on a blog, it’ll get deleted.. I am not posting it, I’ll send it to anybody who wants it when it leaked…

Her vow to distribute the song seems even more ill-advised than her grammar! She expanded on her recent legal woes in subsequent Tweets (stitched together here for the purposes of being able to follow the damn things):

Yea idk, I post a Toya track yesterday & they were like if u dont take it down, you will face legal charges. Wtf?… I know its crazy 5 artists that you shouldnt post are MC, Beyonce,Britney, Letoya, Whitney. I did Britney & Beyonce but the blog didn’t get deleted hahah but I know if I post MC today, the blog goes down so I am not risking my chances at all

Toya is apparently Letoya Luckett (who knew, right?). Of course, these are the sorts of problems one has when one is too popular!

Yea, that’s why ppl are scare to post it cause they don’t want their blogs to be deleted. Actually only popular ones will be affected, small blogs can get away with shit. Dammit lol I wish I was a small blog now j/k, I have record labels too followin me so I can’t really do anything bout it lol haha

Haha. Haha? Anyway, Vicki is on the case as far as when all the other bloggers who cower in the shadow of her SiteMeter will be running for cover:

Some ppl say MC will leaked at 3 central, some others say 5pm eastern., some others say never. What to believe lol..

What I do believe: I think this young lady just invented the “future passive” tense. (And honestly, I’m still not convinced that she isn’t some sort of honeypot-bot dreamed up by the major entertainment conglomerates, lulling us into a false sense of security because of her tantrums and refusal to be oppressed by grammatical constraints.)

Music Is The Heart.. [Twitter]

  1. Wow, that’s quite the effort they make to hang onto the old model.

    My question is, why not have the single available via iTunes on the same day it goes to radio (or does this already happen and I am a fool)?

  2. OH VICKI. You are an endless source of amusement.

  3. Just listened to the song, btw. Very good. Would be great without the autotune bits.

  4. @LeighBlack: had you ever heard the phrase “rent a life, shitface” before?

  5. @Maura: Nope, can’t say that I have. But now I may be using it daily! =)

    After all that, she posted the song anyways!

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