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Oh hey, looks like the Hype Machine backlash has begun. That took a long time, didn’t it? [Hate Machine via Gerard]

  1. When my blog gets linked by Hype Machine my hits go up. If I had advertising on my blog that would surely increase my advertising revenue. As it is it increases the attention I get for my blog, which has helped get me freelance writing work.

    This dude needs to chill the fuck out.

  2. I’m only annoyed at HM because they wouldn’t link to my site. Otherwise, no complaints at all. I’ve discovered some current favorites through it.

  3. Be brutal bloggers, abandon the barbaric betrayer of better blogging.

    The babbling buffoon bitingly breaks the backbone of the blogosphere– base and baneful, this backwards being “borrows” your beats while you are banished to the background, belittled, believing that blogs benefit by blindly bartering bands for alphabetical listing.

    Bitter? Blasphemy! You’ve been bluffed by the big brother of blending blogs without bearing any of a post’s body. Blame the behavior of the morally bankrupt who breach the brotherly bond of blogging to bring bills to the bank.

    Be brightened, bequeath the bed, it will behoove you to break free from the boisterous machine.
    But this is all a bit… verbose.

    Everyday, thousands of people around the world write about the music they love– let the people get the music where it’s being written about.

    You may call me ‘B’ and together we are the bloggers, united against the Hype.



  4. My only problem with HM is they usually have way fewer results than elbo.ws. On the other hand, the search actually goes exclusively for music files, and is generally much more manageable (also, loads faster). And I’ve found some interesting blogs through it.

  5. Hate Machine is getting pissy that Hype Machine is “stealing songs” from the music blogs. Now I frequent the music blogs as much as anyone, I suspect, but this is the most hypocritical bit of whiny drivel I’ve heard in a while.

    A) music blogs frequently post songs by the people who actually make them, with little regard to permission
    B) music blogs frequently post songs first featured on other music blogs, and give those blogs a smaller credit than Hype Machine
    C) many, many blogs would have a grand total of 15 readers were it not for Hype Machine, which has led me to more than half the blogs I regularly read
    D) If you’re going to point the pale, trembling finger of anti-capitalist accusation at a website that sells a few t-shirts to augment it’s meager revenue on what is a 100% FREE service with no more ads than the average blog, then you probably live in a yurt and wear clothes made out of hemp.

  6. I’ve never cared for Hype Machine’s formatting. I’ve always used elbo.ws for my music blog aggregation/free MP3 needs.

  7. And I mean, really. Posting a link to your blog is something for which people are usually thanked.

    And most music blogs are completely unreadable. It’s some navel-gazing adolescent with some connections and a lot of free time who slaps up somebody’s unfinished demo and a few barely coherent ruminations on what they had for breakfast. “Chillin’ here 2nite with this nu track from Paramore. so awesome!!!!!1111 What do u think?”

    Hype Machine does the reader a favor by letting them find the blogs that are actually worth reading, and by spreading the release of new tracks.

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