Get Ready To Hear A Lot Of Pontificating About The Best Records Of The Decade

Jun 17th, 2009 // 62 Comments

It’s almost the end of June in a year that ends in a nine! What that means: The runup to crafting “Best Records Of The Decade” lists by those people who are still holding on to the music-writer dream despite all evidence to the contrary is going to begin very soon, and get pretty heated as the days get shorter and the temperatures begin dropping. (Although you know what’s going to be even worse? Doing it all over again next year for those people who sniff that “since there was no year zero, a decade runs from 01-10, piker.”)

Some people have already started in on the process; if you want to go back and remember the big songs of the past 10 years, Intensities In Ten Suburbs, which is currently at No. 93 on its 100-best-songs-of-the-decade countdown, is a good place to start. (Remember the whole “Wait (The Whisper Song)” kerfuffle?) Honestly, I have no idea what I’d put on any list beyond Siobhan Donaghy’s Ghosts, “A Stroke Of Genie-Us,” and any/all Ida Maria-related things (and yes I’d put her on the list even if she emerged in ’01 not ’08) but perhaps you have your iTunes-tracking spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations in the works already? Feel free to share any outstanding items that simply must be on everyone’s list in the comments section here. Perhaps we can all come to some sort of consensus by the end of the week, so we can move on and try to start predicting what records will be the best of 2010-11!

Intensities In Ten Suburbs [HT Sound Of The City]

  1. @TheRunningboard7: It’s not even that, really, because Johnny Marr’s real contribution to the last album wasn’t as big as advertised. Isaac’s just writing better songs now I guess.

  2. @brasstax: I reference him for timing purposes. I’ve been able to enjoy or tolerate every song they’ve put out since he joined them.

  3. Fifty posts proving/exemplifying Christopher R. Weingarten’s recent diagnosis, and one post from Christopher R. Weingarten.

  4. Also, Vampire Weekend, Cold War Kids and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, anyone?

  5. I’d probably throw Vampire Weekend in there. I still listen to that album a bunch.

  6. @brasstax: I knew I should’ve added an emoticon…I was actually wondering which one of the three was going to be Pitchfork’s or others’ “Sorry!” pick, like Spin – still – apologizing for ranking TFC over Nirvana in 1991.

  7. @Thierry: Pitchfork’s already sort of overcompensated for initially rating CYHSY so highly in the beginning by trashing or reluctantly covering all the things they’ve done since (not that they should’ve ever been rated all that highly to begin with).

  8. @Thierry: I’m the lone TFC defender here. I like that album at least as much as Nevermind.

  9. I’ll add this- Love and Theft remains a career highlight for Dylan, but is kind of out of step with this whole millenium, I wonder how much love it will get.

    From me, it still gets lots. It makes its way into my rotation easily once every other month, and has since 9/11.

  10. chinese muthafuckin democracy: we waited long enough, right? it should be considered the best album EVAR.

  11. Have you seen those laughably bad “best of” lists at Amazon? Perfect case in point –more music illiterates doing the bidding of the labels.

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