David Archuleta’s Stage Dad Gets Directed Into A Prostitution Investigation

Jun 18th, 2009 // Comment

What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is this? Jeff Archuleta, the father of 2008 American Idol runner-up David, has been named in a police raid of a “massage parlor” in Utah (Utah!) that was apparently offering happy endings to its clients. The Queens Of Reiki parlor was apparently employing women who operated in a pants-optional manner, and that made neighbors suspicious:

In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Detective Sgt. John Salazar of the Midvale Police Department explained that the investigation began with a call from a concerned citizen. A doctor who was renting a building for his practice had sublet some of the suites to what he thought was a legitimate massage business. When he noticed that the masseuse “therapists” were arriving in rather scanty outfits, he asked the cops to check it out.

“After determining that no business license had been issued for whatever was going on in there, I sent in an undercover officer to put eyes on,” Det. Sgt. Salazar said. “The next day, five officers, including myself, went in to shut them down.”

At the time of the raid, only one client was there. “He was just finishing up in suite number one. I sent two of the officers in and the male was on his stomach on the table with a masseuse in lace underwear.”

That client was Jeff Archuleta. “We read him his Miranda rights twice. The second time because he said he didn’t understand them the first,” said Salazar. “During the questioning, he said he’d found the place on Craig’s List. He was asked if he’d received any sexual services and he said he had.”

Eek! Archuleta’s lawyer, however, is saying that those sexual services were actually his client being treated for a “back problem,” and that he was advising Archie Sr. to plead no contest solely for the purposes of avoiding bad publicity for his squeaky-clean son. Oh my heck, Eric! Haven’t you heard of the Internet? That cat’s kind of out of the bag now.

Exclusive Interview: Cops Reveal How They Busted David Archuleta’s Dad [RadarOnline]
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