This Demi Lovato Song Is Giving Me A Headache (But Not For The Reasons You Might Think)

Jun 18th, 2009 // 21 Comments

“Here We Go Again” is the title track from the second album by Disney Channel alum Demi Lovato–a record that is supposed to be her foray into rock, and that is apparently set to include some material that she worked on with Idolator interviewee William Beckett. It’s a peppy, upbeat song that’s tugged along by an insanely catchy guitar lick–and it’s that riff that’s actually the problem with the track, because it is so reminiscent of another song lurking within my consciousness that it’s giving me a headache. Why a headache, you ask? Well, because the riff is spinning around my brain, and I can definitely sing it on cue, I can’t figure out what song it came from. So the notes–”daa, daa, daa, dum, dadadum”–are just on endless loop in my head. Please, for the love of God, one of you has to help me. Demi’s song after the jump.

If one of you out there helps me, I won’t have to gobble Advil. Hooray! And even if you can’t figure out what the source material is, you can riddle me this: Has this ever happened to you–a song reminding you of another, and you being unable to recall what exactly said source material was? How did you solve the mystery? Or do you still have a song that is torturing you on a regular basis?

Demi Lovato – Here We Go Again [YouTube]

  1. “Shout Me Out” by TVotR ripps off the melody from Tom Petty’s “Runnin Down a Dream,” but it took me a million years to figure it out.

  2. Boy, this is frustrating! But I guess that’s part of the genius of writing a modern pop song – have something that seems familiar without crossing over the line. I’m thinking it’s an 80′s song, but I can’t place it…

  3. It could be about 12 different Hot Water Music songs.

  4. Sounds like the “I just wanna hear you say…” part of Since U Been Gone to me.

  5. It sounds like part Boys Like Girls “The Great Escape” and Academy Is’ “The Test” to me…

  6. @Me: meaning, the guitar line in particular…

  7. @RobMurphy: I’m feeling you on that.

  8. It sounds like Katy Perry…

  9. RobMurphy for the win. Totally.

    Has this ever happened to you–a song reminding you of another, and you being unable to recall what exactly said source material was? How did you solve the mystery?

    For months in the fall-winter of 1991-92, I knew Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” guitar riff (so, Slash’s riff, I guess) was ripping off something really obvious, but I couldn’t place it. Finally, one day, I think VH1 played John Cougar’s “Hurts So Good” and I practically yelled across the whole house, so my sister could hear, “THAT’S IT!!!” Seriously, add a couple of strums to Cougar’s riff and, voila, “Black or White” hook.

  10. i am in agreement with both rob murphy and sicksteanein…

    and in answer to the 2nd part, it’s not a particular song, but when i first heard green day i was all “this sounds EXACTly like… someone…” and people would say buzzcocks and i would say “NO! it doesn’t really sound so much like them at all, it sounds like… urgh!” and was very frustrated for over two months before i finally figured it out (the answer was the dickies).

  11. Green Day’s “Jesus of Surburbia”(or whatever it was called…the long song) had a couple different parts like that, for me. Except it only took me a day or two to figure it out. It had blatant “ring of fire” and “summer of 69″ ripoffs. Pretty funny, actually.

  12. s.

    I also heard the same bit of “Since U Been Gone” as sicksteanein. And/but I had to turn the song off after two minutes because it’s been that kind of day.

  13. @MayhemintheHood: That Summer of 69 rip off drives me crazy. Thank you!

    I will also submit the chorus of Gorillaz “Feel Good Inc.” vs. the verse to U2′s “Staring at the Sun”

    And the piano line in Spandau Ballet’s “True” vs. the “Ain’t nothing but a heartache…” part in BSB’s “I want it that way”.

    Good thread. I’ve wanted to get those off of my chest for a while now.

  14. i hear avril lavigne’s “complicated.”

  15. I don’t know if it’s the quality of the rip, but the verses sound like they were autotuned to within an inch of their lives.

  16. The chord progression of the guitar riff sounds a little bit like “Faithfully” by Journey to me.

  17. That Kid Rock song about the summer has a couple parts that always sound really familiar to me…

  18. I assume you need this song if you can’t find any of your Avril, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Miley, or Katy Perry albums?

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