L’Trimm Gets The Black Eyed Peas In Its Car

Jun 18th, 2009 // 2 Comments

File under inevitable remixes that actually sound OK: the Black Eyed Peas’ neverending No. 1 “Boom Boom Pow” blended with L’Trimm’s stone classic “Cars With The Boom,” because, well, it’s probably pretty obvious. The remix comes courtesy of King Most, whose site, I should admit, I clicked on because of a post about the Wale/Lady GaGa collaboration “Chillin’” that put forth the important question, “Can Someone Remix Lady Gaga’s Face As Well?” (I am a bad person. I know.) Embed of the track after the jump.

[DivShare via King Most]


  1. Best part of this? The elimination of Fergie.

  2. agreed.
    by the by, lady tigra of l’trimm still tours, and she puts on a good show. and also is looking pretty damn good.

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