Millionaires Never Forget To Floss, For Better Or Worse

Jun 18th, 2009 // 7 Comments

Here’s a slightly dubious addition to the 2009 Summer Jam Contest That Music Writers Insist On Holding Even Though It’s Pretty Obvious That The Winner Is Probably Going To Be “Don’t Stop Believing” From Here On Out: the crudely opportunistic “Just Got Paid, Let’s Get Laid” by the Millionaires, a noisy electro-rap jam that starts off with some braying about being in the VIP section, includes a bit making fun of minimum wage earners, and has a bridge that pays homage to both “Baby Got Back” and the comments section at Absolute Punk, who are, shall we say, not big fans.

The Millionaires are three young ladies from (of course) Los Angeles who parlayed some screwing around with GarageBand and recession-flouting lyrics (their first song was called “I Like Money”) into gigs writing themes for MTV fodder like A Double Shot At Love and Teen Cribs, as well as a deal with Decaydance Records. They remind me of a sort of American Apparelized version of electro-leaning bands like Avenue D that were all the rage on this coast a few years back, and I suspect one’s tolerance for them can be mathematically determined by a formula involving age, 2008 earnings, and number of times that person has uttered the words “Things can’t get any worse, can they?” in seriousness. Although you could at least say that the Millionaires’ all-about-the-money ethos is a sign that global economic woes haven’t completely decimated the Last Night’s Party scene yet. Uh, yay?

Millionaires [MySpace]
Just Got Paid, Let’s Get Laid [YouTube]


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