The Jonas Brothers: Amplified Well Enough To Be Heard Over Thousands Of Tween Screams

Jun 19th, 2009 // Comment

This morning the Jonas Brothers appeared on Today, causing ?uestlove to note that he could hear the screams of some 11,000 young ladies (give or take a few, I’d guess) from blocks and blocks away. However, those screams weren’t loud enough to be heard over the boys’ performance of “Lovebug” (not to mention the somewhat Gokey-ish yowl one of the Brothers reeled off during said song’s instrumental break). And I should note that the fans hanging around 30 Rockefeller Plaza were quite well-behaved compared to the crazed devotees who swooped down on the Brothers while they were at a movie premiere in Brazil recently. That harrowing story comes after the jump!

The Jonas Brothers – Lovebug On Today [YouTube]
The Jonas Brothers’ Scary Fans [YouTube]


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