The Heavy Dial Up At Least One Right Number

Last night, I spent some time listening to a local college radio station while a pen and paper was at the ready, and it was there that I heard the above track. (The playlist for the evening, stitched together by was a clearly, endearingly nervous DJ, also included Sparks’ “Photoshop”.) It’s called “Set Me Free” and it’s by the British act The Heavy, and I like the way it’s both breezy and pleading, which is owed in no small part to the the lead singer’s old-soul croon. (He goes by the single name of “Swaby.”) Anyway, the loose collection of songs on the band’s MySpace is also pretty promising, as is the fact that the band has apparently shared a tour with the Noisettes. And it should be said that the thrill of finding out something totally new and unexpected via the old, battered-by-everyone medium of radio hasn’t lessened in intensity at all over the past however many years I’ve been doing the whole “taking notes” thing. (At least 20, maybe more.) [YouTube / MySpace]