The Cutout Bin: Peach Pit Memories, Moving Bees, And Fake Woombles In The Wild

Jun 19th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Before we run off to the combination Pizza Hut / Taco Bell with our copies of Infinite Jest tucked underneath our arms, a few links worthy of your clicking / browsing:

• Steve Sanders may not have been much of a fan of alternative music, but rest assured that Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne is super-into the “kind of absurd extras that come with being in a rock band”–i.e. being on Beverly Hills 90210. [Spinner]

• A fan was so pissed about the new fan-funded album by Idlewild leaking, he posed as frontman Roddy Woomble on Twitter and threatened legal action against the villainous uploader. [paidContent UK]

• The karaoke-for-fabulous-prizes game show The Singing Bee has a new home (CMT) and a new host (some chick who used to be on Reba). [CMT]

• Maryland-based concert promoter Seth Hurwitz released a statement decrying megapromoter Live Nation‘s “death grip” on venues in and around Washington, D.C. Hurwitz–who is suing the company for “deliberately and unlawfully acquir[ing] monopoly power” over the local concert biz, particularly the amphitheater business–added, “There is a huge difference between enticing artists to play your venues by doing a better job, versus forcing them to play your venues by controlling the market and the acts,” he said. [Washington Post]

• Gossip lead yowler Beth Ditto coins my favorite neologism of the week: “boner dyke,” in reference to women who get it on with other women for the purpose of titillating men. Like, y’know, Katy Perry. [Spinner]

• Also, her plus-sized clothing line for the British chain Evans is 80% cute. [Jezebel]


  1. The really disappointing part about Beth Ditto’s (very correct and on-point) argument against Katy is that an embarrasingly significant portion of the reaction to it in the places I frequent (specifically ONTD) was OMG SHE’S FAT AND JEALOUS KATY PERRY IS HOT THEREFORE SHE WINS. Apparently people are rather selective of their support of gay rights and don’t get behind the overweight lesbian who points out the subtleties of insidious homophobia but when hot gay boys are involved they’ll wave the rainbow flag as hard as they possibly can. Who knew?!

  2. @memento: ontd is not really a place for nuanced discussion of anything, though. i love when threads turn into “animated gifs of people being horrified” parades, but…

  3. @Maura: Hahaha very true (and I do enjoy a spot of gratuitous gif posts). I suppose was expecting a more positive reaction to Beth’s comments in light of the communal horror/twitter spamming over Gokey and his family being homophobic towards Adam Lambert the other day, but I’m guessing we haven’t come *quite* that far yet.

  4. @memento: yeah, it’s a bummer. also i suspect there are a LOT of “viral marketers” for KP on the roster of that site’s commenters, because she can’t sneeze without it being posted about. i wish livejournal was pure :(

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