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BREAKING: The rich kids, they like to make the rock music. Why is this worthy of New York Times column inches? Because some of the parents of said “indie” kids are celebrities, duh. [NYT]

  1. “And unlike other parents who may caution against pursuing rock ‘n’ roll careers, especially as the record industry crumbles, parents here can be encouraging and even aggressive about guiding and promoting their children’s bands. Ringing up their professional contacts and ferrying gear to gigs, they engage in helicopter parenting for the future rock-star set.

    Hudson Franzoni, 17, started drumming five years ago. To encourage his development, his parents built him a studio at their home in the Malibu hills.”

    Vomit. In fact, vomit all over the entire article.

  2. @Kate Richardson: I couldn’t bring myself to even start reading the article for fear of vomiting on my laptop. That, and the awful discovery of what shitty pop music is coming my way in the near future.

  3. @Kate Richardson: “Puke + Cry.” Those opening paragraphs of performance spaces skirted by tennis courts and general rich shit made me want to just give up on the whole world and let myself be fed on by the dogs of these elites.

  4. @BradNelson: Not a bad band name. Hopefully some of these kids will pick it up?

  5. the writing is as disgustingly ridiculous as the “scene” is. may the san andreas fault line open up and swallow these people.

  6. @Maura: celebrity is a very charitable description of the screenwriter from Amistad.

    In fact, I’m struggling to see how this article could be of remote interest to anyone who doesn’t personally know the people involved. Which would seem to imply that the parents are doing more than just being encouraging.

  7. God. This just like the countless shows I was suckered into checking out when I was in college. Shitty bands with hype from their friends and not a single good song in the bunch. Rich kids or not, it’s fucking annoying.

  8. @Lax_Dangerhouse: well, i was talking about the bruce willis and “guy who the character of ‘the dude’ was based on” name-drops.

  9. I have to admit I have some similar reservations when it comes to indie credible artists in all fields with entertainment industry pedigrees…ie. the Deschanel sisters and the Gyllenhaals. *shrug* It happens, it annoys. But hopefully if they are ultimately talented they shouldn’t be totally disqualified? Though, I also don’t have to stop wrinkling my nose at them knowing about their advantages if they try to pretend they don’t have them.

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