Sunny Day Real Estate Reopening Their Tour Diary

Maura | June 22, 2009 - 4:40 pm

After much speculation over whether or not they would join the many bands from the ’90s reuniting this year (fueled by lead singer Jeremy Enigk telling a Seattle rock station that the band had gotten together in March), alt-rock legends Sunny Day Real Estate have decided to get back together to play their first concerts since 2000. So far, two shows have been confirmed: a show at the Paramount in their hometown of Seattle on Oct. 16, and a concert at San Francisco’s Fillmore on Oct. 13. More dates TK, I hope? A few songs from their catalog after the jump.


“In Circles”


“Killed By An Angel”

Hayley Williams is going to be so stoked.

[HT: earcandyblog]