Sky Saxon, R.I.P.

Sky Saxon, the founder of the garage band the Seeds, passed away Thursday morning at a hospital in Austin, Texas. Saxon founded the Seeds with Jan Savage, Daryl Hooper, and Rick Andridge in 1965; the band brushed the Top 40 with “Can’t Seem To Make You Mine” (above), and hit No. 36 on the charts with “Pushin’ Too Hard” in 1967. The Seeds broke up in 1970, but Saxon continued to make music, eventually distributing his music DIY-style online. After the jump, “Pushin’ Too Hard.”

Saxon had recently moved to Austin and was gigging with bands around town; the Austin-American Statesman ran a longer profile of him earlier this year.

The Seeds – Can’t Seem To Make You Mine [YouTube]

  • jimmyvalentine

    I have difficulty describing the influence Sky had on me. And will continue to have on me.

    In the few years I knew him he taught me a lifetime worth of lessons. Sky taught me to never give up. Sky showed me the way of forgiveness and true love for my fellow beings of all sorts.
    Sky taught me patience. With his help he taught me how to make a great album (Pisces Rising was produced by him over the phone and on line!).

    The musical legacy he left us will continue to enrich our lives and the lives of those yet unborn for ages to come!

    Right now I just want to reflect on the loss of my friend and teacher…Perhaps at a later time I will get into more detail, but more than likely I won’t.
    So many people were always trying to ride his cosmic and very long coat tails.
    For me just having him as a friend and being blessed with having worked with him for a brief time is enough…If Sky taught me anything it was that with my heart in the right place and my mind unpolluted, I don’t need to be anybody’s side man. I can shine on my own.

    So in closing I would like to say thank you Sky. Thank you for seeing something in me that I did not. Thank you for your influence and helping to shape my music. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for your love.

    I love you and I will miss you my friend…

    Jimmy Valentine