Report: Michael Jackson Leaving Beatles Songs To Paul McCartney

A report in the Mirror is claiming that Michael Jackson has left the publishing rights to the Beatles’ body of work–which Jackson won at auction in 1985–to Paul McCartney, with an insider telling the paper, “Michael told his lawyers he was sad he no longer talks to Sir Paul and said he wanted to make things right.” Jackson’s purchase of the publishing rights resulted in a schism developing between the two artists, who had collaborated on “Say Say Say” (above) and “The Girl Is Mine” in the years prior to the auction. UPDATE: This report is from January. [Spinner / Dailymotion]

  • http:// How do I say this…Throwdini!?!

    Ok, first, I can’t believe this is true. But assuming it is, while people will undoubtedly say the MJ did the right thing, it would really suck if he screwed his kids out of the money from the publishing rights. If so, I hope Paul gives them some money.

  • http:// How do I say this…Throwdini!?!

    Plus, this assumes that Michael was responsible enough to even have a will. Loved the guy, but I gotta think that future planning wasn’t his strong suit.

  • cheesebubble

    Strangely enough, this issue of Beatles publishing rights crossed my mind today. I was wondering if he’d will things back to McCartney or not. But, beyond that, I also wonder if there won’t be a frenzy going on and a bunch of will contesting.

  • CaptainWrong

    I’m 99% sure Sony already has the rights to this stuff as Jackson owed them a shitton of money and they accepted those rights in lieu of payment. I don’t think those right have been his to give for a while.

  • saysaysay

    Don’t gossip about what you know nothing about. MJ still owns over half of those songs and he did will them to Paul. Maybe what he did originally was wrong but at least the Japs didn’t get their hands on them. Michael Jackson did the right thing in the end. It was a class act. And his kids aren’t getting “screwed” by this either give me a break.

  • CaptainWrong

    @saysaysay: Wow, “Japs”. You’re a class act too.

  • Lucas Jensen

    @saysaysay: Whoa…Japs! 1941 in the house!

  • silawe

    MJ did not even own Beatles catalog anymore.

  • bobthebagel

    @saysaysay: First of all, this is for Throwdini and saysaysay. Paul McCartney doesn’t owe MJ’s kids anything. He won’t be screwing the kids out of the rights because their father already did that. In 1995, MJ sold half the rights to the catalog to Sony. It formed SONY/ATV. It was a 50 / 50 venture deal. In 2006, MJ offered Sony his half (as collateral) in order for him to refinance $300 million in loans. So, was MJ thinking of his childrens future when he was living such an extravagant lifestyle, absolutely not. He died well over $500 million in debt. Sorting out his financial affairs will take years. And as wonderful as a gesture it is speculated that MJ is giving back the rights to Paul; don’t think they were his to give anymore. And Say, as far as commenting and gossiping on what people don’t know about, “Japs”? I mean really. Japanese people haven’t been referred to as that in over 50 years.