Michael Jackson Might Have One Last Live Album Wrung From Him

Jun 29th, 2009 // 16 Comments

Just when you think the music business can’t get any more icky, here comes a quote from an (understandably unnamed) executive at concert promotion outfit AEG regarding the concert rehearsal that took place the night before Michael Jackson died: “We have a live album in the can.” OK, the quote from the anonymous employee of the company that was presenting Jackson’s 50 shows at London’s O2 Arena isn’t gross, but Sharon Waxman’s use of the verb “boasted” to describe said utterance certainly skeeved me out more than a bit. More Jackson news after the jump.

• AEG might need that money, as questions about Jackson’s health–and the timing of a physical–might play into the size of the insurance payout that would presumably help the company refund money to ticket buyers. Although there’s a bit of a silver lining: “After the deaths of other major stars, including Elvis Presley, in 1977, and Kurt Cobain in 1994, around half of outstanding concert tickets were never returned for refund, according to people in the concert business, because fans preferred to keep them as souvenirs.” [WSJ]

• Jackson’s mother Katherine has been granted temporary guardianship of his three children. [USA Today]

• How Michael Jackson helped bring joy to sports fans all over New England in the ’80s. [Shutdown Corner]

• Another way that Breaking News e-mail alerts are annoying: Mean computer-savvy types are cloaking virii in e-mails touting “exclusive video” of the King of Pop. [Computerworld]

• Who wants to bet that the person who bought InMemoryOfMichaelJackson.com on eBay–for almost $10 million–is going to have some very sternly worded “Bad Bidder” feedback in their future? [eBay]

• Katherine and her husband Joe also filed papers in court to probate their son’s estate. The papers claim that the 50-year-old singer passed away without a will in place, although attorney John Branca says that he has those papers and is intending to file them ASAP. [TMZ]

[Pic via TMZ]


  1. also, was i the last person to know that michael co-wrote ‘do the bartman’?

  2. @Maura: I did not know that. Does that mean he helped write “Happy Birthday Lisa?”

  3. @Maura: In 1990, Groening and all the Simpsons staff were ordered to keep Jackson’s involvement in “Bartman” a secret. But Groening believed the world would figure it out on its own. There’s a commentary by him on the DVD set that includes that video where he says something like, “I mean, who else in 1990 would write a lyric like, ‘If you can do the Bart, you’re bad like Michael Jackson’?” Apparently Jackson contacted them, not the other way around; he loved the Bart character in particular and basically told them, “I want Bart Simpson to have a No. 1 hit.”

  4. Believe it or not, all of the above I wrote from memory, but it’s all summarized here, obviously:


  5. @drinkypuss: If you are willing to believe Wikipedia, which has NEVER EVER been wrong about anything…

    [from the track listing of "Songs In The Key Of Springfield":]

    “Happy Birthday, Lisa” (by Michael Jackson, credited to W. A. Mozart, due to contractual obligations) – from the episode “Stark Raving Dad”

    Lisa & Bart introduction
    Leon Kompowski (Kipp Lennon)


    [from the entry on Kipp Lennon:]

    Lennon has contributed to The Simpsons in several episodes: in the episode “Stark Raving Dad”, although Michael Jackson (credited as “John Jay Smith”) performed the speaking part of Leon Kompowski, a character who thought he was Michael Jackson, Lennon sang the songs because Jackson was only contracted to speak, not sing. He sang Jackson’s songs “Ben” and “Billie Jean” as well as the original song “Lisa, It’s Your Birthday”, written by Jackson.


  6. I’ve been expecting Fox to air that “Stark Raving Mad” episode during one of the re-run slots, but they haven’t, surprisingly. I actually love that episode and really wish they would.

  7. @Maura: “Fox is believed to be looking into whether it can re-air that episode — but given the age of the seg, which long ago entered the show’s syndication package, it’s unclear whether that will happen.” What do they mean by that?

    I honestly thought that I saw it on one of the 5pm re-runs about 8 weeks ago.

  8. @MayhemintheHood: the reruns aren’t controlled by the network.

  9. @RobMurphy: Thanks! I am lazy and you are helpful.

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