North Carolina News Team Makes An Incredible Discovery: Customers Inside Record Stores, Paying For Music

Jul 1st, 2009 // 4 Comments

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you: That blurry screen grab at left is a shot of people inside a record store, courtesy of the intrepid journalists at Winston-Salem, N.C.’s WXII. They visited local used-culture emporium Edward McKay’s and found something shocking: People inside the store, exchanging actual money for music! The startling footage after the jump.

OK, so they were all part of The Great Michael Jackson Rush that has taken place since his death (although most of their purchases aren’t counted by SoundScan because the product’s used–I wonder how many of these “shadow sales” his back catalog has had?). But still, a record-store nebbish sorta dressing up like Michael? Hasty markups on vinyl? Someone being offered $200 for 15 used records?! It’s madness out there, people. Be careful.

Locals Scramble For Michael Jackson Music [YouTube]


  1. Doesn’t footage of people buying music prove that there’s nothing wrong with file-sharing?

  2. @ChrisB.: Yes, irrefutably. Bitchin analysis, brah.

  3. I’ve been in that store. It’s 100% used CDs, books, DVD, and even Video(!). They have another store about 30 miles away in Winston- Salem. They are both known for giving you next to nothing for anything you bring to them. Pawn shop prices. .25-.50 in some cases.

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