Alice In Chains Travel A Long Road Back

Jul 2nd, 2009 // 10 Comments

Something that I missed earlier this week: The first single from the rebooted Alice In Chains, “A Looking In View,” was released on the band’s Web site for the price of an e-mail address (it’s also on iTunes, for those of you who would rather give up money than personal data). The first verdict on the seven-plus-minute track: Hearing the band give in to fortress-of-sound rock trends is a little jarring at first, but as “Looking” unfolds, it settles into a nice, dark groove, thanks in no small part to the way Jerry Cantrell’s backing vocals blend with those of new lead singer William Duvall into something ominous and otherwordly. (And yes, that’s a good thing.) A YouTube embed of the song after the jump.

Alice In Chains – A Looking In View [YouTube]
Alice In Chains [Official site]

  1. I didn’t realize it was 7-plus minutes long because I stopped the website stream after the chorus came around the first time. zzzz.

  2. when cantrell’s not singing, this is scary stuff. grunge idol? he looks like Justin Guarini, but i don’t care about that so much as the sounding like David Cook.

    or, i don’t know, a totally cleaned up Sebastian Bach. and if you clean up Sebastian Bach, what is left, really?

  3. I hate Alice in Chains.

  4. I loved Alice in Chains back in their day, and still completely appreciate them today. But something about this song just reeks of late-90s nu metal awfulness for me. Granted, they were partially responsible for the late-90s nu metal awfulness, but that doesn’t mean they need to embrace it. I like the dual harmony part around the 4:50 point though. I was halfway excited about their reunion, but this leaves me entirely unconvinced.

  5. More songs like “We Die Young” plz.

  6. @Marth: They are pretty much responsible for nearly all of the nu-metal and post-grunge awfulness out there. I thought they were bad back in the day, and now they have every thing Chad Kroeger ever did piled on top. Gross.

  7. @Lucas Jensen: Why hold a band responsible for the crap they influenced? Judge them on their own merits. You can’t blame AiC for Godsmack, Pearl Jam for Creed or Van Halen for the entirety of the 80s.

    I think this song is amazing and they Chains fanbase will eat it up.

  8. Why do they have to keep the name? I don’t mind it so much but just because they are calling themselves Alice In Chains without Layne Staley makes me not want to buy it.

  9. Look, this is not for all the fans of AIC, so much as it is for Layne Staley himself and the tremendous respect I have for him. I have the capability of Layne’s vocals, and I hope Jerry and the other guys read this, no disrespect to William Duvall, but he really doesnt give the band back anything they had. People may think I’m being a blow hard, but as far as vocals are concerned, I would be a shoe-in to blow this guy out of the water! As a plus, I would be willing to prove it anytime anywhere! I love AIC, and their unique sound, so I really do believe that if given the opportunity I could help make the band back to their former greatness! I have experience as a lead singer and I do not have stage fright a bit! All I need is the chance to help make people who loved AIC a chance to be happy again! I can be e-mailed at so I hope to hear something soon! Thnx for listening.

  10. Sorry guy ( you got something to prove that right now? I am sure you can probably sing, as i also have experience. I have a low voice AIC/STP, and can cover…..notice the word “cover” a few A.I.C. songs enough to please a crowd not expecting A.I.C. themselves, in fact I have had many many compliments on my cover vocals, but let’s be humble here, for real. No one can sing like Lane did. He did not have a “like style” of vocals comparable to anyone. He was in his own, and it was other artists who tried to follow. Lane died a solid legend never once losing his edge. Many people feel he lost it with his Jar of Flies album, yet that album sold 2.2 million strong.Despite his disapearances, as well as cancellations, I do not believe anyone has ever complained or called any of his performances second rate. No one will ever bring back A.I.C. It is a sad truth what happened to Lane, but many saw it coming soon after the loss of his long time girlfriend who died of an infection of her heart (pericarditis), as well as years of suffering from severe depression. I have a feeling the new A.I.C. will lsowly, but not to slowly fade away from the original style i n order to transform successfully. The new lead singer is much to trained, Lane was a natural, you cannot train to be natural. Same goes fo the voice of Steven Tyler, original, with no substitutions. I am not trying to offend you in any way, so if I did I openly apologize. I just think A.I.C. is better left behind, and just let the band continue in it’s current direction. Jerry Cantrell is a naturally talented genius, he’ll figure it out, he always has seemed to do just that. I cannot wait to hear their follow-up album, when ever that will be, I’ll bet we’ll hear a definate difference!

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