Chris Daughtry Plays “Hide The Muffin” With Lady GaGa

Adult grungetemporary star Chris Daughtry just posted a link to his cover of Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face” to his Twitter, and its opening chords got me a wee bit excited that he would perform it in the style of “I Want It That Way.” But alas, his traditionally yarl-tastic spin not only eliminates the “bluffin with my muffin” line in favor of a minute of repeating the chorus over and over again, it flips the song’s gender in such a way that the Russian Roulette line makes no sense. Do these subtle-yet-not revisions mean that he’s never had lesbian fantasies about someone else while having sex? The world needs to know–especially before some poor American Idol hopeful takes cues from this cover on next season’s probably inevitable Lady GaGa Night!

[YouTube via Daughtry]

  • Maura

    Between this and Asteroids: The Movie getting the green light and everything else from the past few days, I am so ready to call it a week.

  • NedRaggett

    Hot Buttered Daughtry

  • kinect demo

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