The Five Highest Prices You Can Pay For Michael Jackson’s Funeral

Tickets for Michael Jackson’s memorial service, which will be held tomorrow at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, were in high demand–more than 1.6 million requests flooded in for the 17,500 seats that were made available to the general public. Lottery winners were notified yesterday (via the semi-creepy graphic above). More than a few decided that the luck they experienced in getting the free tickets could easily be parlayed into cash, so they hit up the online auction site eBay to flip their seats. After the jump, the site’s five most expensive offerings for memorial tickets as of this writing, for any of you who want to celebrate Michael Jackson’s life by blowing your retirement. 5. THE PRICE: $10,000, sold by skillz_iz_ill.THE CATCH: You have to pick it up from him, which presumably would require you to be in Los Angeles. (Also his auction ends two days after the memorial ends. 4. THE PRICE: $11,100, from mindbendurz.THE CATCH: This actually seems like the best deal of the super-expensive ones, given that it’s actually for two tickets. 3. THE PRICE: $14,999.95–a steal from yosoylamparilla.THE CATCH: Despite the dollar-store price point, this guy actually looks like he would be an A+ eBayer to deal with; he’s even willing to send a PDF of his ticket voucher to out-of-town guests. 2. THE PRICE: $25,000, sold by stephintexas.THE CATCH: Putting up a JPEG of the confirmation letter can only invite shenanigans from people not willing to part with 25K. 1. THE PRICE: $100,000, sold by macinit06.THE CATCH: He’s willing to pick up the tickets for the lucky winner… but he doesn’t seem to realize that people who get the tickets will also be wristbanded. Buyer beware?michael jackson tickets staples [eBay] [Video via Antville]