Paramore Hold On To Their Smarts

The first single from Paramore’s forthcoming Brand New Eyes is “Ignorance,” a tight little rock song that mixes the dark, goth-leaning aspects of “Decode” with the wailing that characterized the band’s breakthrough song “Misery Business.” The hyperactive breakup track is going to be available for download from legit sources tomorrow, so for now, instructions on how to hear it–since every YouTube embed of the song gets dinged with a “copyright restrictions in your country” message for US listeners–after the jump. So basically in order to listen to the track, you have to go over to this Francophone site and click the button on the right-hand side of the page next to the text “music mix” until “Ignorance” comes up. (This may take as many as 70 clicks, no lie. It took me a few tries, too!)Paramore – Ignorance [musicMe; HT AbsolutePunk]