The Michael Jackson Memorial Service Open Thread: Because I Don’t Have Enough Eyeballs To Watch All The Coverage

It’s probably not much of a stretch to posit that most people reading this site will have at least one eye on the world’s team coverage of this afternoon’s Michael Jackson memorial service, which is already inspiring maximum liveblogging, inappropriate musical tie-ins and people temporarily quitting the Internet. (Here is a huge list of Internet outlets showing the service.) In addition to the boldfaced names, there are even more things to look out for over the coming hours: • The gold-plated coffin! “It is exactly the same type of coffin which soul singer Brown was buried in, in 2006. Jackson idolised Brown and copied his dance moves on stage as a child.” And according to Dan Gibson, an MSNBC anchor just killed about three or four minutes speculating exactly where on the Staples Center stage it would be. • Traffic complaints. Take it away, Shep Smith (via the NYT: “The morning rush on a Tuesday is hell on wheels anyway and they’re shutting down freeways for this funeral?” • Princess Diana comparisons. If you’re not working, these can make for an excellent drinking game. • Inappropriate tie-ins from unrelated artists. I have yet to receive any press releases of this ilk yet, but I’m sure it’s just time.Watch Michael Jackson’s Funeral Service Live Online [WebTV Hub]